DeBund | How to Understand Unclear Provisions in Detailed Rules on Implementation of Human Genetic Resource Management Regulations (Part I)

Wangqian2023-11-15 12:59:36
The Ministry of Science and Technology formulated and had brought into action on July 1st 2023 the Detailed Rules on Implementation of Human Genetic Resource Management Regulations in order to fully implement the Biological Security Law, Human Genetic Resource Regulations and other laws and manage human genetic resources scientifically, rigorously and efficiently.
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Shanghai Translation Publishing House published a book titled "The Traveler" by Professor Hideki Yukawa, the first Japanese Nobel Prize winner and a renowned physicist, at the end of 2022. The book and its author are featured on and
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According to a media report1, Muyuan Group, a big pig breeding business announced a non- poaching pact among Muyuan, Wens, Twins, Chai Tai and other big businesses, advocating no poaching, less competition and sound development in the industry, stating any violation will result in retaliation. I couldn’t help feeling surprised for the pact probably violating the Anti- monopoly Law and resulting in a penalty of hundreds of million to tens of billion RMB.
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Various AI generated songs by “AI Sun Yanzi” hit the screen the other day. Related intellectual property issues became hot topics on media. I would like to discuss legal issues relating to songs generated from real person’s voice extracted by AI engines.
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Over recent years increasingly more businesses have used incentive shares to retain key employees.
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Office Relocation Notice

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your long-term trust and support. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you at our new office.
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Debund|Pharmaceutical & Health Legal Information (March 2023)

Our team of pharmaceutical and health law attorneys has long been focusing on legal services in the field of pharmaceutical and health care, and is well versed in the major business models and internal operational processes of the pharmaceutical and health care industry, and is able to provide comprehensive legal services to pharmaceutical clients.
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Honors | Yunting You has been ranked in the "Chambers Greater China Region 2023" professional list

Our senior partner, Yunting You, has once again been named to the list, this time in the area of Intellectual Property: Litigation. This is the fourth consecutive year that you have been named to the Chambers list.
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